Editor-In-Chief’s Letter

Editor-In-Chief, The ANOKHI Brand

It’s no secret that I always love this time of year. Celebrating the ANOKHI brand’s anniversary (ringing in 19 years!), while scouring the globe looking for inspirational South Asian leaders in the various spaces for our annual The ANOKHI List.

We as a collective have had quite the challenging 19 months. And now, as we are emerging into our new normal we can’t ignore that fact that society has changed. The global reset has changed the framing of our priorities with a recalculation of our moral compass. We started looking at ourselves not in a vacuum but as part of a global consciousness. And with that global connectivity, we are noticing areas which need to be addressed, societal discrepancies which needs to be disseminated and structural foundations which needs to be shaken up.

And that is why we decided to focus on 12 unique individuals/companies who have embraced advocacy as their way of making a difference. In a special collaboration with our extremely popular The ANOKHI UNCENSORED Show (as part of Rukus Avenue Radio station, also recognized as the world’s #1 South Asian radio station, available on the free Dash Radio app), we have created 6 curated episodes in the following pillars: Entertainment, Media, Business, Crusader, Glamour and Lifestyle featuring notable personalities from all over the world. Each sharing their own personal and professional advocate philosophies.

These digital-first audio and video interviews are a great way to be inspired, pay it forward and give back.

And we hope you do.