Mission Statement

2020 being the year that the world stood still, prompted us to take heed of what this has meant for the South Asian community. This year, more than ever before, we have been listening intently to how such a tumultuous year has affected our community, which has been international in scope. I felt early on in the pandemic that the effects were going to have a huge, negative impact on the economy, so re-grouping with my team, we collectively decided to step it up and use our platforms to create awareness for the deeply affected, small business community, of which we are a member.

As a result, this year's 18th Anniversary campaign is dedicated to a month long, first-of-its-kind collaboration between 'The ANOKHI List' x The Holiday Gift Guide', ANOKHI LIFE's 2 most popular and much-awaited annual lists. The goal here is to encourage our community to purchase their holiday gifts for their loved ones, from South Asian online stores worldwide, so as to help keep them in business as we ride out the effects of this year's global economic challenges.

This year's homage is called The ANOKHI HEROES List 2020, where we feature over 30 product companies regionally, nationally, and internationally.” 

~ RAJ GIRN, Founder, The ANOKHI Brand


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