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Over these past 18 years, ANOKHI LIFE – North America’s longest running South Asian pop culture, lifestyle, and entertainment media brand – has lived through 4 micro-pivots: #AnokhiVibe [2002], #AnokhiMagazine [2004], #AnokhiMedia [2013], and #AnokhiLife [2019]. The goal has always been to stay intimately connected with, and relevant to, the regional, national, and international South Asian community it serves, as the community’s footprint continues to journey through exponential growth and expansion, with its many noteworthy contributions to the world.

This year, being the year that the world stood still, prompted Founder/CEO Raj Girn, to take heed of what this has meant for the South Asian community. “This year, more than ever before, we have been listening intently to how this tumultuous year has affected our community, which has been international in scope”, she said. “I felt early on in the pandemic that the effects were going to have a huge, negative impact on the economy, so re-grouping with my team, we decided to step it up and use our platforms to create awareness for the deeply affected, small business community, of which we are a member. As a result, a few months ago, I sanctioned the launch of a new category to be added to our magazine blog (, called ‘ANOKHI’s Community Spotlight’. The goal of this was for it to be a regular weekly series focused on creating awareness for South Asian businesses, to encourage business activity for them.”

ANOKHI LIFE Founder & CEO Raj Girn.

She closed by saying: “As we approached the planning stages of our next anniversary – which we do in the second quarter of the year and which normally includes showcasing successful South Asian personalities and though leaders – I felt that this year, the heroes were the small business owners, so for the first time in our history, I decided to change the focus of the annual dedication of ‘The ANOKHI List’ (, from featuring celebrities, to featuring South Asian businesses around the world. To make this more potent, I decided to launch a first-of-its-kind collaboration with our annual ‘ANOKHI LIFE’s Holiday Gift Guide’, asking people to purchase gifts this holiday season, by supporting South Asian businesses.”

To this end, the collaboration between ‘The ANOKHI List’ x ‘ANOKHI LIFE’s Holiday Gift Guide’, will be a month long awareness campaign starting on Sunday November 1st, 2020. What does this mean? A series of articles featuring over 30 South Asian product-based companies from around the world, will appear simultaneously on the list and magazine websites, as well as across ANOKHI’s social media and newsletter communities, giving each article approximately 2 million, targeted impressions worldwide.   

ANOKHI LIFE’s Editor-In-Chief Hina P. Ansari, stated that: “The team and I are very excited to once again work on The ANOKHI List. As every year, we use this opportunity to learn, discover and be inspired. And this is why this year’s twist with respect to our focus being on the incredible array of South Asian companies to whom we can look to for gift giving ideas, is the perfect fit for this year’s version.”

“The companies that are on the list, will include: women and men’s beauty and fashion, kids’ corner, home decor, food, guilty pleasures, bridal and more,” she continued. “We will be providing gift giving ideas in a mix of mostly small boutique ventures, some high-end luxury, and a couple of celebrity-founded companies. We wanted to give our readers the variety that best exudes the festive holiday gift giving vibe, while celebrating and supporting South Asian entrepreneurs. I hope that our global readers will enjoy discovering these wonderful gifts in our The ANOKHI List x ANOKHI LIFE’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020 as much as we did, and bring this joy to their homes and their loved ones.”

ANOKHI LIFE’s Editor-In-Chief Hina P. Ansari.

For more insights into this collaboration, feel free to watch the ANOKHI UNCENSORED LIVE which recently aired on @anokhilifestyle’s Facebook and Instagram, for the lively conversation about this wonderful initiative and season.


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