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By Devika Desai
Name Peter Virdee
Occupation Global Real Estate Entrepreneur and Founder of The Virdee Foundation
Category Business
Country of Residence United Kingdom

Why we felt he needed to be included in this list: Peter Virdee founded The Virdee Foundation, a charity dedicated to the needs of victims of mental, physical or sexual abuse, particularly women and children.

Peter Virdee is a man of many titles — philanthropist, property tycoon, businessman and amateur fashion pundit. Yet, underneath the flashy cars and flamboyant attire, is a man simply following what he knows best — his Sikh faith.

Virdee is best known for his property venture development company, B & S Property, and The Virdee Foundation, a charity that relieves the needs of women and children who have suffered or who are in danger of suffering mental, physical or sexual abuse. Ever since it was established in 2011, the foundation has repeatedly made international headlines, often for its collaboration with various hospitals and nonprofits such as The Prince’s Trust, the Marie Curie Cancer Centre and the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

I support the charities and organizations that deal with taboo subjects that other people don’t want to touch. When you open that can of worms, a lot of powerful people come out of the woodwork and get exposed, and a lot of people don’t want to get involved. I want to support those causes.

Asian Wealth Magazine

Recently, the organization announced that, along with business people from around the world, it would invest as much as £500 million into a trust for gurudwaras in Pakistan to help boost religious tourism and preservation projects in the Kartarpur Corridor. In 2015, the foundation also helped restore the Central Gurudwara, London, making it the most environmentally friendly gurudwara in the world.

At his core, Virdee has always been a family man and has attributed his success to his parents’ emphasis on a disciplined work ethic. He took his first steps in the business world under his parents’ thumb, working to build up the family residential care homes business in Lancashire. Having proved his talent, his father offered him a role in B & S Property and, together, with a team of partners, they built the company into the globally renowned agency it is today.

It should come as no surprise that to Virdee the education of youth has always been paramount since the importance of education was emphasized throughout his childhood. Virdee personally supports the education of children around the world and one of his organization’s greatest accomplishments, in partnership with Children in Crisis, is the inauguration of the Bibangwa School in the Democratic Republic of Congo. When the school opened in August 2017 there were 165 children enrolled.

I enjoy earning money but for me, it’s not just about earning money, it’s about earning enough money to be able to give that much away. My buzz is actually giving money to good causes, and being a part of greater and better causes that impacts other people’s lives. I find it extremely gratifying and personally rewarding … And in the end, that’s what I work for.

Singh And Kaur Magazine

Virdee also started the Sardar Jagat Singh Charitable Trust, named after his late grandfather, in India. The charity has sponsored 80 children into primary education and has carried out 400 successful cataract operations, looking after people on both ends of the age spectrum.

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