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Name Shalini Vadhera
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Why we felt she needed to be included in this list: Shalini Vadhera is a global serial beauty entrepreneur who is focused on using her current beauty platform to bring a sense of empowerment to disenfranchised women in India through various teaching and training programs. 

Shalini Vadhera is a global serial beauty entrepreneur, celebrity makeup artist, author, global lifestyle expert and international beauty expert. Now, she has big plans to help millions of Indian women and girls do the same with the launch of her new brand, Ready Set Jet, and its powerful social-impact initiative.

She’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit, from when she landed in India at the age of 19 to start a company at the suggestion of her father. From there, she created a luxury jewelry line which was sold at Nordstrom and Macy’s.

I knew there was a ‘tribe of women’ out there needing/yearning to come together. Not just as an entrepreneurial force, but as an investing force as well. I’ve always been a firm believer that we all rise together in a collaborative effort which is one of the reasons, empowerment is such a strong mission in all the brands I create.


The beauty industry called her name and, in 2003, the multicultural celebrity makeup artist and global beauty lifestyle expert landed a gig at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She also often made appearances as the guest beauty expert on leading television shows including Dr. Oz, The View and Today.

In 2003, she published Passport to Beauty, where Vadhera took the readers on a worldwide journey discovering cool beauty secrets from untapped places. Her global beauty expertise also led her to create a $21 million US global cosmetics company.

After a quick break, she returned to the beauty space in 2014 and launched Power Beauty Living, a social platform for women that shares the knowledge of top female thought leaders and experts from around the world. One of her most successful and popular initiatives is the digital reincarnation of her book,, a beauty and wellness online platform that curates and creates the world’s best beauty and wellness discoveries.

She received the Mahatma Gandhi Award at the British House of Lords for her work in leadership and women empowerment in late 2017. Recognizing her power to connect, she was then sought after by high-level government officials in India who were looking to her to use her platform to find a way to give back and help girls in India.

That’s when her latest venture took shape. Launched in 2018, Ready Set Jet focuses on the global beauty and travel market, creating double-duty products for travellers on the go while also having a socio-economic impact on disenfranchised girls in India. Vadhera is also starting the Ready Set Jet Academy, a for-profit beauty academy that collaborates with the Power Beauty Living Foundation to give disenfranchised girls and women access to job training skills, technology for educational and business advancement and beauty certification.

She is working directly with partners in India, like the NRI Welfare Society, who will assist in bringing the academy digitally to these girls as well as partnering with skills services centers to extend the vocational training into retail and spa. Once they have completed the academy, the girls will immediately be given a code on their phones to start selling products along with being able to start working as professional makeup artists in the wedding, spa and salon industries.

They are arranging for several hotel spas to employ their graduates and, in addition to selling their products, Amazon India is supporting their social impact initiative through Amazon Cares, bringing additional opportunities to the certified girls and furthering Vadhera’s mission to redefine beauty by using it as a vehicle for global change.

I was sure that I wanted to make an impact in the lives of these women through beauty, which is not just skin deep and is a universal language.


Vadhera’s goal is to train over 100,000 professional makeup artists and entrepreneurs in more than 80 countries starting with India, fund small business loans to over 100,000 women entrepreneurs so they can start or grow their own business in beauty, grant scholarships to young women, and, most importantly, help turn women from job seekers to job creators.

Vadhera works with representatives from the United Nations to bring the art of living powerfully and beautifully to emerging female global leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide. She is on the Global Advisory Council for Impact Leadership 21 with the United Nations and is an advisor for the Women Network. She was named the #1 Person to Watch by The Economic Times of India, won the coveted Oprah Beauty O-Ward, and has been called the one to change the face of beauty in India by Forbes.

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