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Name Rishi Rich
Occupation Music Producer
Category Music
Country of Residence United Kingdom

After starting out in the Asian Underground music scene, Rishi Rich reached global success with his bhangra tracks, Hindi remixes and Indian-R&B fusion and launched the careers of some of the South Asian scene’s biggest names. Rich signed an album deal when he was 15 and although the music industry is competitive, this London-born native’s dedication to his craft shone. In 1976, he had a passion for playing classical, Indian musical instruments and was only 11 when he got his first job as a runner in a recording studio.

Rich spent his early years making a name for himself in the Asian Underground music scene, and is arguably the pioneer of Indian-R&B fusion. He has worked on several albums including three of his own: Simply Rich in 2002, The Project in 2006 and The Lost Beats in 2014.

It’s a great feeling when you’ve worked on a song that you’re proud of and you hear it playing on the radio or watch it on TV within a few days of its release. The reaction has been phenomenal and I’m very grateful.

Rishi Rich/www.thestatesman.com

In addition to his production skills, Rich also has a good ear for unique music talent, and a thirst for helping new artists propel their careers to the next level. Under the record label 2Point9, he has helped launch the musical careers of South Asian sensations Jay Sean (whom he discovered after Sean sent him a demo tape) and Juggy D.

In 2003, his track “Dance With You” (a collaboration with Juggy D on Rich’s musical initiative, the Rishi Rich Project) made the UK Top 40 Singles Charts. He also won Best Single R&B at the 2003 UK Asian Music Awards.

In 2007, Rich started his own production company, Rishi Rich Productions. Two thousand and nine was a big year for him, earning him three awards, including another one at the UK Asian Music Awards, an Award for Excellence from Asian Woman’s Magazine, and a special Commitment to the Scene Award.

It sounds cliché, but music has no barriers, be it language or even cultural. If something sounds good and creates an emotion or feeling within the person listening to it, then it works no matter what their background.

Rishi Rich/SimplyBhangra

Rich has produced countless tracks and albums making an undeniable mark on an international level; from South Asian-flavoured remixes to tracks from a range of artists including Ricky Martin, Mary J. Blige and Craig David. Britney Spears was so impressed with his Desi remix of her Madonna collaboration track “Me Against The Music” that she used it in her worldwide 2009 Circus concert tour.

Thanks to his strong work ethic and undeniable talent, 2014 landed Rich the opportunity to work with American music mogul Teddy Riley in Atlanta. Most recently in 2017, Rich won a Filmfare Award for Best Musical Director for his work on Bollywood film Half Girlfriend.

For his positive impact and influence in international music scenes, we are certain Rich will remain a powerful force for years to come.

Rishi Rich was included in The ANOKHI List 2016 coffee table book and received  The ANOKHI Award that same year.

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