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By Rachna Sethi
Name Sabyasachi Mukherjee
Occupation Fashion Designer
Category Glamour
Country of Residence India

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a leader in the Indian fashion industry with his eponymous collection. His design aesthetic fuses classic Indian bridal wear themes with unusual fabrics, bright colours and a modern styling, and he is known for his beautiful Banarasi sari motifs. From Bollywood royalty like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Hollywood megastars like Reese Witherspoon, Sabyasachi designs have appeared on countless red carpets and on the Bollywood screen. The originality of his lines continue to gain industry acclaim, and in 2016 and 2018, he showcased his stunning collections at the Vogue Wedding Show.

Born in Kolkata, India in 1974, Mukherjee steered away from the cultural expectations of pursuing fields like engineering or accounting to pursue fashion. In 1999, he graduated from the India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology and four months later started his eponymous label.

When you are a creative person whose business depends on other people spending money on your opinion, then it is vital to shield yourself from any kind of influence. I call it the preservation of the mind. Which is why I don’t read too many books or watch films because there is so much good work out there in the world that it’s very easy to get influenced.

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In 2001, the Sabyasachi label started retailing at major stores in India and Mukherjee received the British Council’s Most Outstanding Young Designer of India Award.

In 2003, Mukherjee received  the Mercedes New Asia Award during fashion week in Singapore and a year later, he was the only Indian designer invited to showcase his work at Milan Fashion Week. In 2006, Mukherjee’s New York Fashion Week collection gained industry praise, propelling him into worldwide sales and success.

As his flair for fashion continued to grow, Mukherjee expanded his design talents into the world of jewelry in 2008, focusing on producing high-quality hand-crafted pieces and not mass produced ones.

Mukherjee became a television hit when he joined the first Indian, wedding-based reality TV show, Band Baaja Bride. The show gave 13 women from all over India the opportunity to have Mukherjee glam them up for their big day.

Businesses stay alive because they are built on a solid foundation. All my life, I have lived by one motto: be the change you want to see. I did that with clothes and I want to do that with jewellery.

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Unlike most big brands, Mukherjee personally manages his social media posts, writing a personal note that accompanies each photo, giving his audience an even closer look into his perspective of fashion.

With a deep passion for cinema, Mukherjee wants to get into directing films. We’re confident Mukherjee has the power and perseverance to excel in any creative venture he chooses.

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