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By Rosemina Nazarali
Name Farah Dhukai
Occupation Beauty Blogger & Entrepreneur
Category Glamour
Country of Residence Canada

The queen of do-it-yourself skin and hair care, Farah Dhukai has amassed millions of followers across her Instagram and YouTube channels, where she shares how she uses items found in the pantry of her Concord, Ontario home to erase pimples, get glowing skin and treat damaged hair, alongside makeup tutorials. 

Dhukai began her career on YouTube in 2011, but it wasn’t until 2012 that she became a real staple on the platform, focusing on makeup tutorials and DIY beauty. She currently has more than two million subscribers. She eventually turned her attention to Instagram, where she posts her DIY beauty recipes and makeup tutorials and she has over six million followers. She’s taught viewers how to use garlic to erase pimples, how rhassoul clay can detoxify oily hair and skin, and how black tea can help reduce under eye circles.

The best advice I can give someone is to never change who you are for anyone or anything! You were made unique so be confident in all that you’ve been blessed with and face the world with a smile. A smile is the best ‘beauty’ essential!

Farah Dhukai/www.colourmyfacebyrashida.blogspot.com

Dhukai got her love for DIY beauty form her mother and grandmother. Born and raised in Toronto, she learned traditional Indian and East African remedies from her family at a young age and ultimately grew to love these natural approaches to beauty. Dhukai began doing her own research on getting gorgeous skin the DIY way, tinkering with different recipes and combinations to find out what worked best.

Not only is she a wizard at concocting beauty recipes, Dhukai has also become a source of inspiration to her growing online following. She recently made headlines for calling out the online bullies who harassed her about a photo she posted of her nine-year-old self. She reposted the photo, alongside a recent photo of her donning a blonde wig, on Instagram, and opened up about the bullying she experienced as a child and online. She explained how she wasn’t allowed to shave as a child, had darker skin because she rode her bike until the sun went down, and often donned greasy hair because of the oil hair treatments her grandmother gave her. She emphasized that she’s proud of who she is and where she comes from and that now she loves that she is different and loves the skin she’s in.

Never ever stop believing in yourself! Unfortunately, there are a lot of things in this world that will try to bring us down and bring negativity, you really have to hold your head up high, be confident in yourself and push the negativity out with positive and you’ll see your life change.

Farah Dhukai/Brown Girl Magazine 

Dhukai’s latest venture online is into the world of vlogging. She recently posted her first vlog to YouTube, allowing her followers to follow her and her husband on a trip to Santorini. For seven minutes, we join the pair as they bask in the sun, swim and have fun on a boat. While Dhukai hasn’t been one to hide her true self online, the vlog serves as a nice foray into her life outside of the beauty world.

Dhukai’s love for all things beauty inspired her husband, Sal Ali, to create his own skin care and makeup line, Farsali, which joins his name with Dhukai’s. Calling his wife his best friend, Ali says creating Farsali, which is best known for their Unicorn Essence Antioxidant Primer Serum and Jelly Beam Illuminator, was a gift for his wife.

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